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2019 Census Test Preliminary Results

Thu Oct 31 2019
Written by: Dr. Victoria A. Velkoff, Associate Director for Demographic Programs
Component ID: #ti750237386

The U.S. Census Bureau conducted the 2019 Census Test this summer to study the operational effects on self-response of including a citizenship question on the 2020 Census questionnaire.  The test was a nationally representative randomized field experiment designed to inform hiring levels for the Nonresponse Followup operation, as well as offer insight for the integrated partnership and communication campaign.

The major finding of the test was that there was no difference in self-response rates between forms with and forms without a citizenship question.[1]  The preliminary analysis suggests that in some areas and for some subgroups, there were lower self-response rates for the test form with the citizenship question than the test form without the citizenship question.  These differences were small.  Although the 2020 Census will not include a citizenship question, these test results indicate that the inclusion of a citizenship question would not have affected hiring for the Nonresponse Followup operation, which is designed to collect responses from households that do not self-respond.


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Thu Oct 31 2019

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