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The U.S. Census Bureau has embarked on a nationwide effort to inform everyone living in the United States and five of its territories about the upcoming 2020 Census and to encourage them to respond online, by phone, or by mail.

Archived News Conference - January, 14, 2020

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2020 Census Advertising Examples

The following are examples of television advertisements created to educate the public about the 2020 Census and will be broadcast during the Awareness Phase (January 14 – March 12, 2020) of the communications campaign.

Diverse Mass (Created by VMLY&R)
American Indian and Alaska Native (Created by G&G)
Arabic (Created by Hogarth)
Black/African American (Created by Carol H. Williams Advertising)
Chinese Mandarin (Created by TDW + Co)
Chinese Cantonese (Created by TDW + Co)
Filipino (Created by TDW + Co)
Japanese (Created by TDW + Co)
Korean (Created by TDW + Co)
Vietnamese (Created by TDW + Co)
Polish (Created by Hogarth)
Puerto Rico (Created by VMLY&R San Juan)
Russian (Created by Hogarth)
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The following is an example of television advertisements created to educate the public about the 2020 Census and will be broadcast during the Motivation Phase (March 15 – May 12, 2020) of the communications campaign. Other examples will be released during the Motivation Phase.

Diverse Mass (Created by VMLY&R)


Making of the 2020 Communications Campaign

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“This is Me, ”a music video performed by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) artists from across the country, invites and inspire the NHPI community to be seen, heard, and counted in the 2020 Census. The performance celebrates the culture of the Pacific Islands by featuring traditional songs, chants, clothing, and dances. It will be featured on the Census Bureau social media channels. 

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Communications Platform

The “Shape Your Future. START HERE.” communications platform is the foundation for all advertising and communications about the 2020 Census. This tagline highlights that people can shape their future by responding to the 2020 Census. Our paid advertising campaign reinforces that message by explaining how their future and their community’s future are impacted by the 2020 Census. The items linked below include content such as press releases, blogs, and graphics that provide more information on the Census Bureau’s outreach efforts.

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Researching and Testing

In an effort to reach everyone living in the United States, the Census Bureau conducted extensive research to understand what motivates people to respond to the census and what prevents them from responding. The Integrated Communications Campaign (ICC) was developed based on insights from this research.

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