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ACS Health Insurance Coverage

Logical coverage edits applying a rules-based assignment of Medicaid, Medicare and military health coverage were incorporated into the 2009 1-Year health insurance coverage data found on American Fact Finder (AFF).  As the AFF 2008 1-Year tables do not reflect these edits, they are not comparable to the AFF 2009 1-Year data.

For data-users' utility, the following tables contain the updated AFF 2008 1-Year health insurance data at the national, state, county and place levels, and for Congressional Districts. Tables of the 2008-2009 change in uninsurance by Congressional Districts and by county are also included.

These 2008 1-year and 2008-2009 comparison tables incorporate the logical coverage edits and are therefore comparable to AFF 2009 1-Year data products.

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