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Food Stamps Rates and Amounts

Table 1A: Families
Table 1B: Households
Table 1C: Individuals

Component ID: #ti1228136445

Housing Assistance Rates

Table 2A: Families
Table 2B: Households
Table 2C: Individuals

Component ID: #ti1228136444

Free/Reduced School Lunch and Breakfast Program

Table 3A: Families
Table 3B: Households

Component ID: #ti1228136443


Table 4A: Families
Table 4B: Households
Table 4C: Individuals

Component ID: #ti1228136442

SSI--Supplemental Security Income

Table 5A: Families
Table 5B: Households
Table 5C: Individuals

Component ID: #ti1228136441

TANF--Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Table 6A: Families
Table 6B: Households
Table 6C: Individuals

Component ID: #ti1228136440

WIC--Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

Table 7A: Families
Table 7B: Households
Table 7C: Individuals

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