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National Population Projections

The U.S. Census Bureau releases national population projections several times each decade. Each new series of population projections features updated assumptions about fertility, mortality, and migration. Please contact the Coordination, Dissemination, and Outreach Branch ( in the Population Estimates and Projections Area for the latest information on when the next series of projections is scheduled for release.

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State Population Projections

The U.S. Census Bureau does not have a current set of state population projections and currently has no plans to produce them.

Users are encouraged to access the Census Bureau's current population estimates, which are produced at the state level, as well as other lower levels of geography. You may also contact states directly for projections (see below).

Population Estimates

Whereas projections are estimates of the population for future dates, estimates for current and past dates are also available from the Population Estimates Program.

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