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Although the 2015 Census Test ended advertising and Internet response on May 31, 2015, follow-up interviews took place with a portion of households that participated in the 2015 Census Test in the Savannah area. Follow-up interviews were conducted from July 15 to August 7, 2015.

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The Purpose of the 2015 Census Test in the Savannah Area Test Site

The 2015 Census Test in the Savannah, Georgia media market was designed to further test methods of encouraging householders to respond online. The test included an advertising and promotional campaign, an early engagement campaign through ‘Notify Me’ where respondents could indicate their digital contact preference (email or text), and allowed householders to respond without a Census identification number.

Component ID: #ti1698593557


  • Test reaching and engaging respondents to have them opt into our ‘Notify Me’ campaign for the Census Tests. This provided an opportunity for respondents to have early engagement in the census process and to indicate their digital contact preference (email or text) for future invitations and reminders.
  • Test the effect the ability to respond without a Census identification number had on response rates.
  • Test advertising, including the use of targeted social media, to reach designated areas.
  • Test promotion approaches, including partnership and an early engagement campaign to motivate respondents.
  •  Test how we measure participation and response rates, and how we could use targeted Internet advertising to reach hard-to-count areas.

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