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The Purpose of the 2015 Census Test in Maricopa

The 2015 Census Test in Maricopa County looked at ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of “nonresponse follow-up.” In recent censuses, about one-third of households didn't complete their census without an in-person visit. Follow-up operations are the most costly part of the census, and improving the efficiency of follow-up operations is critical to a cost-effective census.

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  • Test the effectiveness of computer-based training for our field staff, and compare that to the traditional classroom-based training.
  • Look at new technology that allows us to more efficiently assign cases to our staff in the field.
  • Capture data directly into a smartphone, rather than on paper.
  • Test whether allowing employees to use their own mobile device to capture census responses is cost-efficient and effective.
  • Test a new approach to managing field staff, and compare it to the approach used in 2010.
  • Test how well information already provided to the government, such as tax forms or other records (existing government data sources), could fill the gaps in our data collection caused by non-responding households.

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