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General Update

The Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) operation for the 2018 End-to-End Census Test came to an end on July 31, 2018.  As with the other operations of the test, which are central to a successful 2020 Census, the most important observation is that the systems supporting the reengineered approach to NRFU deployed and integrated effectively.  Enumerators received their case assignments, refreshed daily, on their handheld devices with routing instructions designed to optimize efficiency.  They successfully captured and transmitted interview data along with their administrative and payroll information, and supervisors effectively managed their work in an automated environment.  This is an important development for the program as it leaves us well positioned to tackle the critical work to scale up systems in the months ahead so that they can meet the projected loads for the 2020 Census.

We are still on track to make the November award for the GPO 2020 Printing and Mailing Contract. There are no major concerns at this time with solicitation.  The TI contract was protested September 2016. As part of corrective action, on May 30, Census announced the new award decision to the original awardee, T-REX. Protest period for new award decision closes on September 4. FITd contract to be awarded in early August.

The Group Quarters Enumeration operation, the final field operation for the Test, is now underway.  This was preceded by Group Quarters Advance Visit, where we contact institutions such as nursing homes, college/university student housing, prisons, etc., to inform them of the upcoming enumeration operation and get their preferred timing and method for data collection.  The Service-Based Enumeration, during which we enumerate people experiencing homelessness and those utilizing shelters, soup kitchens, etc., started on July 25 and ended on July 27.  These operations, which will occur around Census Day in the 2020 Census, are indicative of the wide range of activities conducted by the Census Bureau to ensure that everyone, regardless of their living situation, is included in the Census.  This is also true of the Integrated Partnership and Communications program (IPC).  Key developments in this area include the analysis of data from the Census Barriers, Attitudes and Motivators Survey, a key element of the research foundation that will inform IPC activities (including advertising) as well as the hiring of the Partnership Specialists and the establishment of Complete Count Committees.

The Local Update of Census Addresses operation (LUCA), the first operation of the 2020 Census, proceeds apace with submissions approaching the 60 percent mark.  Just under 85 percent of responding governments have submitted changes, and we are reconciling these against our address frame.

Finally, we are making progress in the establishment of the infrastructure needed to support field operations in the 2020 Census. As of July 30, lease awards have been granted to all 40 Wave 1 area census offices (ACOs), and the work to design and build out these offices is underway.  They are scheduled to open between January and March 2019. Of the 208 Wave 2 ACOs scheduled to have leases awarded by October 15, 70 have a lease award. The Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau continue to work with the General Services Administration (GSA) on the overall space acquisition and lease management process, and the Census Bureau continues to work with GSA to ensure all tasks remain on target.

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