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2020 Census Program Briefing - June 6, 2014

Component ID: #ti1117903852

2020 Census Program Briefing Agenda

Burton Reist, Chief, 2020 Research and Planning Office

2020 Census Research and Testing Program Update

2015 Testing Objectives Overview

Component ID: #ti563774778

2015 Testing: Field Reengineering and Nonresponse Followup

Stephanie Studds, Innovation and Technology Office

Melissa Therrien, Decennial Management Division

Tom Mule, Decennial Statistical Studies Division

Component ID: #ti563774777

Optimizing Self-Response Test

Jennifer Reichert, Decennial Management Division

Frank McPhillips, Decennial Management Division

Stephen Buckner, Communications

Component ID: #ti563774776

2014 Census Test Status

Andrea Brinson, Decennial Management Division

Darlene Monaco, Decennial Management Division

Evan Moffett, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Component ID: #ti563774775

Review of 2020 Census High-Level Schedule

Burton Reist, Chief, 2020 Research and Planning Office

Component ID: #ti563774779

Additonal Documents

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