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2020 Census Detailed Operational Plan for: 19. Response Processing Operation (RPO)

Component ID: #ti451421090

The Response Processing Operation (RPO) supports the three major components of the 2020 Census: pre-data collection activities, data collection activities, and post-data collection activities:
Specifically, the operation supports the following:

  • Create and distribute the initial 2020 Census enumeration universe of living quarters.
  • Assign the specific enumeration strategy for each living quarter based on case status and associated paradata.
  • Create and distribute workload files required for enumeration operations.
  • Track case enumeration status.
  • Run post-data collection processing actions in preparation for producing the final 2020 Census results.
  • Check for invalid or potential fraudulent returns.

The 2020 Census Detailed Operational Plan for the Response Processing Operation (RPO) is intended for use by U.S. Census Bureau managers, staff, contractors, and other internal and external stakeholders working on the 2020 Census. The document presents the detailed operational design for the 2020 Census RPO and includes a summary of the operational processes involved, their inputs, outputs and controls, and the basic mechanisms employed to conduct the operational work.

This document complements the 2020 Census Operational Plan, which presents the 2020 Census operational design and covers all operations required to execute the 2020 Census, starting with precensus address and geographic feature updates and ending once census data products are disseminated and coverage and quality are measured.

This document will be updated over time to reflect changes in strategies that result from 2020 Census planning, research, and testing activities.

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