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Memorandum 2017.03: Investigating the 2010 Undercount of Young Children – Child Undercount Probes

Memorandum 2017.03
Component ID: #ti1310277265

This memorandum documents research on households in the 2010 Census where the respondent responded positively to one of the undercount probes about children. This analysis identifies instances where the respondent may have had some confusion about whether or not to include a young child on their 2010 Census form. This research is part of an effort to investigate the undercount of young children in the decennial census.

Component ID: #ti751036930

The 2020 Census Memorandum Series

The 2020 Census Memorandum Series documents significant decisions, actions, and accomplishments of the 2020 Census Program for the purpose of informing stakeholders, coordinating interdivisional efforts, and documenting important historical changes.

A memorandum generally will be added to this series for any decision or documentation that meets the following criteria:

  1. A major program level decision that will affect the overall design or have significant effect on 2020 Census operations or systems.
  2. A major policy decision or change that will affect the overall design or significantly impact 2020 Census operations or systems.
  3. A report that documents the research and testing for 2020 Census operations or systems.

Visit to access the Memorandum Series, the 2020 Census Operational Plan, and other information about preparations for the 2020 Census.

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