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Suppressed Geographies Due to Data Collection Error for Fertility Estimates in ACS Data and Tables

Component ID: #ti1132191797

In the 2011 and 2012 ACS files, Census Bureau review discovered a problem in particular geographic areas with the collection of data about whether women gave birth in the last year. In a small number of geographic areas, this question was being asked as "Have you ever given birth?" during computer-assisted personal interviewing. This resulted in an inflated proportion of women with an answer of "yes," since most women are mothers, but only a small proportion give birth in any particular 12 month period. Tables showing fertility estimates for the problematic geographic areas were suppressed. Processing for the 2013 ACS file has been adjusted in order to detect and correct the problem. A list of affected geographies is available to download. Data products removed or suppressed for these specific geographies include S1301, B13002, B13004, B13008, B13010, B13012, B13014, B13015, B13016, B99132 and GCT1303. Portions of tables CP02 and DP02 were also affected.

Note: We consolidated information from previous errata notes 82, 85, and 92 into this one errata note.  The previous errata notes were deleted. User note 2013-09 was also deleted.

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