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Due to a processing error while tabulating the 2013 ACS data, workplace and residence 1 year ago tables with an estimate of zero were given an incorrect margin of error.  For workplace and residence 1 year ago estimates, the methodology assigns zero estimates the national margin of error since these estimates include people who may not necessarily reside or work within their current residence geography.  For data year 2013, the state margins of error were used for these tables instead of the national margin of error.

For the 2013 data, the correct margin of error for a zero estimate in the 1-year data should have been 190, and 110 for the 3-year data.  Zero estimates margins of error for 5-year data may vary based on their geographic location, and the actual range for these tables should have been between 12 and 28.   Estimates prior to 2013 had the correct margins of error applied, and current estimates, including 2014 data, have been corrected. 

Affected residence 1 year ago tables include:  B07401, B07402,  B07403, B07404, B07405, B07406, B07407, B07408, B07409, B07410, B07411, B07412, B07413, C07401, B07401PR, B07402PR,  B07403PR, B07404PR, B07405PR, B07406PR, B07407PR, B07408PR, B07409PR, B07410PR, B07411PR, B07412PR, B07413PR, and C07401PR. 

Affected workplace tables include:  B08406, B08412, B08501, B08503, B08505A-B08505I, B08511, B08513, B08519, B08521, B08522, B08524, B08526, B08528, B08532, B08534, B08536, B08537, B08541, B08601, B08602, B08603, B08604, C08501, C08511, C08513, C08519, C08522, C08524, C08526, C08528, C08532, C08534, C08536, C08541, and C08601. 

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