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2019 Product Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product scheduled for release in 2019. These products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which is updated as needed throughout the year.

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American Community Survey

2012-2016 Older Population in Rural America

This report uses 2012-2016 American Community Survey five-year estimates to study the population 65 years old and over in rural America relative to their urban counterparts. This research looks at the demographic (sex, age, race and Hispanic origin), social (living arrangements, marital status, educational attainment and disability status), economic (employment status, income, poverty status and health insurance), and geographic characteristics of older Americans. (Tentatively scheduled for release May 24.)

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County, Puerto Rico Municipio, and Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area Population Estimates: July 1, 2018

Internet tables and detailed downloadable files will show annual population estimates, rankings and components of change for Counties, Puerto Rico Municipios, and metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas since the 2010 Census. (Updated release schedule for embargo starting April 16 for public release on April 18.)

Estimates of U.S. Population by Age and Sex: April 1, 2010, to July 1, 2018

A downloadable file containing estimates of the resident U.S. population by single year of age and sex will be released on the Population Estimates webpage at <>. (Tentatively scheduled for release April 18.)

Multiple Jobholders Report

The U.S. Census Bureau will release the Multiple Jobholders Report. This report uses data from the recently released 2014 Survey of Income and Program Participation to examine multiple jobholders in the United States throughout calendar year 2013. The report highlights the characteristics of multiple jobholders by sex, industry, occupation and work schedule. It also covers the seasonality of multiple jobholding. (Tentatively scheduled for release April 18.)

Voting and Registration

This table package provides data down to the state level on voter turnout and shows the use of alternative voting methods. These tables also present a portrait of the voting population by demographic and economic variables including race, sex, age, educational attainment, employment status, tenure, income, disability, marital status, citizenship, and veteran status. The November 2018 election data come from the Voting and Registration Supplement to the Current Population Survey, which surveys the civilian noninstitutionalized population in the United States. (Scheduled for release April 23.)

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The 2017 Economic Census: A Preview of What's New and What's Coming Soon

This 60-minute webinar will provide a preview of the information that's coming from the 2017 Economic Census.  The webinar will focus on the major changes to our data products and tools and how these changes might impact our data users.  Detailed information about these plans will be provided on the Economic Census web site at:

LED Webinar: Job Growth and Spatial Mismatch Between Jobs and Low-Income Residents

This presentation seeks to address job sprawl within the Dallas-Fort Worth region and discuss how low-income families are separated from suburban job opportunities using the Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) data set. (Scheduled for release April 17.)

2017 Census of Governments Data

The U.S. Census Bureau plans to release the official count of state and local governments for the 2017 Census of Governments on April 25. Data in the Organization component reflect an enumeration of active, in-scope governments in the United States. Counts are presented by government type, state, population-size groups, function and school systems.

2017 Individual State Descriptions Report

The Individual State Descriptions Report, scheduled for release April 25, is a product from the 2017 Census of Governments. This report provides information about the legal organization of state and local governments. There is a separate summary for each state and the District of Columbia. Summaries cover authorized county, municipal, township, school district and special district governments, as well as noteworthy state and local dependent governments.

2017 Census of Governments: Finance – Survey of School System Finances (School System Finance Data)

These tables provide a detailed look at how public elementary-secondary school systems are funded and how those funds are spent on education and services for our nation’s children. The statistics, released annually, provide information on revenues, expenditures, debt and assets of our public school systems. The tables include per-pupil spending and detailed spending on instruction, support services, special education, school lunches, transportation and school system employee salaries. (Scheduled for release May 21.)

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Facts for Features

Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May 2019

This monthlong observance of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders started more than 25 years ago. We celebrate their growing contributions to our nation with a host of statistical information on this group. Statistics are included for the Asian as well as the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander populations covering demographics and businesses. (Tentatively scheduled for release April 25.)

The Fourth of July

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, the most American of holidays will be marked with red, white and blue, fireworks and parades, flags and backyard barbecues across the country. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May.)

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Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These Stats for Stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.

  • National Telephone Day: April 25
  • National Bike Month: May
  • Older Americans Month: May
  • World Trade Month: May
  • National Small Business Week: May 5-11, 2019
  • National Nurses Week & Day: May 6-12 & 6
  • Teacher Appreciation Week & Day: May 6-10 & 11
  • Europe Day: May 9
  • Mother’s Day: May 12, 2019
  • Bike to Work Week & Day: May 13-19 & 17
  • Armed Forces Day: May 18, 2019
  • Waitstaff Day: May 21
  • Memorial Day: May 27
  • Hamburger Day: May 28

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Upcoming segments include a premium on wellness in “First Health Insurance” (April 22), and a feature on the teachers in “Taught-ology” (May 7).

The daily features are available at, with download options for MP3 and .wav files or zip files for the entire month.

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Recently Released
(Released since March 29, 2019)

Webinar on Accessing Data in 2019: The Transition to

April 2 — The U.S. Census Bureau held a webinar to show participants how to access data using The Census Bureau has developed a new way of accessing data and is now a few months away from the official launch of and the retirement of American FactFinder in June. Starting in July, will be the primary way to access Census Bureau data, including upcoming releases from the 2018 American Community Survey, 2017 Economic Census, 2020 Census and more.

2018 Test Prototype Public Law File

March 29 — The 2018 Census Test prototype Public Law 94-171 data file is scheduled for distribution to the states. This data file will allow them to develop their redistricting systems, import their administrative records (voter registration records, voter turnout records), and develop their Geographic Information System (GIS) software so that redistricting can be initiated upon receipt of the official 2020 Census P.L. 94-171 data and TIGER® shape files.

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2020 Census

Save the Date: Census Bureau to Host 2020 Census News Conference

April 1 — One year out from Census Day 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau hosted a 2020 Census news conference on April 1, 2019. Census Bureau Director Dr. Steven Dillingham briefed the public on the status of 2020 Census operations and talked about what the public can do to help ensure a complete and accurate count in their community. The Census Bureau unveiled the 2020 Census communications campaign tagline on March 4.

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Census Bureau Researchers Present Findings at the 2019 PAA Conference

April 10 — Researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau joined other demographers, sociologists, economists and professionals from across the country and from different disciplines at the Population Association of America annual conference from April 10-13, 2019, in Austin, Texas. The Population Association of America offers a forum for Census Bureau researchers to present their research for professional discussion and share their findings with the public.

New County and Metro/Micro Area Population Estimates to Be Embargoed

April 9 — The U.S. Census Bureau will offer a two-day media embargo period for subscribers to view the 2018 population estimates for counties, metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, and Puerto Rico municipios. Statistics to be released include total population and components of change (births, deaths, and domestic and international migration).

Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE)

April 9 — The estimates show the number of people with and without health insurance coverage for all states and each of the nation’s roughly 3,141 counties. The statistics are provided by selected age groups, sex, race and Hispanic origin (state only), and at income-to-poverty levels that reflect the federal poverty thresholds for state and federal assistance programs. The SAHIE program is the only source of single-year health insurance estimates for every county in the United States.

Housing Vacancies and Homeownership: Annual Statistics 2018

April 4 — The U.S. Census Bureau released the annual statistics for the 2018 vacancy rates, homeownership rates for the United States, regions, states and the 75 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Also included are the characteristics of units available for occupancy for the United States. These statistics come from the Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey. For more information, please see the Housing Vacancies and Homeownership page.

Component ID: #ti1197294250


2017 Annual Retail Trade Survey

April 11 — This report from the U.S. Census Bureau provides national estimates of total annual sales, e-commerce sales, end-of-year inventories, purchases, total and detailed operating expenses, gross margins and end-of-year accounts receivable for retail businesses located in the United States. The Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS) sample covers employer businesses classified in retail trade sector located in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. ARTS excludes data for businesses located in the U.S. territories. The data are published on a North American Industry Classification System basis and the estimates are used to benchmark the monthly retail sales and inventories estimates each spring.

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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

America Counts tells the stories behind the numbers in a new, inviting way. We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency preparedness and population. New stories include:

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Automated Export System (AES) Compliance Review Program

Written by: Adam Nave, Data Collection Branch, Governments and Trade Management Division — April 3 — The AES Compliance Review Program is our annual outreach effort to visit noncompliant companies and provide filing resources, training and expertise tailored to those companies who need it most.

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Profile America segments include the bean scene in “Daily Grind” (April 3) and a New Deal in beers in “Brews Control” (April 7). Internet address:

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Learn What Surveys Are Being Conducted in Your Community

See which of our 130-plus annual surveys are being conducted in your community. In a variety of surveys and censuses, evolving from the first census in 1790, the Census Bureau provides official information about America’s people, businesses, industries and institutions. See surveys currently being conducted in each Census Bureau region:

Data Tools

See below for a few of the Census Bureau’s interactive applications to access statistics from our 130-plus annual surveys. Click here for a complete list.

2010 Census: Apportionment Data Map

This interactive map widget shows 10 decades of apportionment history, current apportionment totals and our changing population through the past century.

Health Insurance Interactive Data Tool

An interactive application for exploring data from the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program.

Metropolitan/Micropolitan Population Map Viewer

A web-based interactive map application built to display Demographic data at the Census 2010 tract level.

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Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Training Opportunities

Webinars are available on a regular basis to help the public access and use U.S. Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use Census Bureau databases and mapping tools and how to find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level. They also provide quick links for answers to frequently asked questions about accessing statistics.

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions are available on our educational resources page. No registration is needed to join a webinar. Login details will be provided one week before a webinar.

Archived Training Resources

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Resource Library for previously recorded trainings that are free and available at your convenience. The library includes presentations, recorded webinars, tutorials and other helpful materials.

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