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2018 Product Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product scheduled for release in 2018. These products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which is updated as needed throughout the year.

Learn What Surveys Are Being Conducted in Your Community

See which of our 130-plus annual surveys are being conducted in your community. In a variety of surveys and censuses, evolving from the first census in 1790, the Census Bureau provides official information about America’s people, businesses, industries and institutions. See surveys currently being conducted in each Census Bureau region:

Los Angeles
New York
All Surveys

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Postsecondary Enrollment Before, During and Since the Great Recession

The Great Recession of 2007-2009 influenced significant changes in American postsecondary education, according to a new report to be released by the U.S. Census Bureau. This report covers postsecondary enrollment before, during and after the Great Recession and examines enrollment by sex, race and ethnicity. (Scheduled for release June 12.)

Estimates of National, State and County Population by Age, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin: July 1, 2017

National-, state- and county-level population estimates by demographic characteristic for age, sex, race and Hispanic origin. Internet tables show annual estimates from the 2010 Census and up to July 1, 2017. (Embargo starts at 10 a.m. EDT Tuesday, June 19, for public release at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Thursday, June 21.)

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2018 Economic Programs Webinar: Construction

 This webinar will examine the different types of construction data at the Census Bureau and how this information can be used. Internet address: <>. (Scheduled for June 20.)

2016 Nonemployer Statistics

This annual series provides subnational economic data for businesses that have no paid employees and are subject to federal income tax. The data consists of the number of businesses and total receipts by industry. (Scheduled for release June 21.)

NEW: Annual Business Survey

The Annual Business Survey (ABS) is a new survey that replaces the Survey of Business Owners, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs and the Business Research and Development and Innovation Survey for Microbusinesses, and include a new innovation survey. The ABS will provide statistics on minority-owned business estimates, small employer businesses and will measure other business and business owner characteristics such as firms, receipts, payroll and employment by demographic characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity and veteran status. Data collection began in June 2018 with the first set of data scheduled to be released in December 2019. Click here to learn more about this new survey.

2017 Annual Survey of Public Pensions

The Annual Survey of Public Pensions provides a comprehensive look at the financial activity of the nation’s state- and locally-administered defined benefit pension systems, including cash and investment holdings, receipts, payments, pension obligations and membership information. Statistics are available at the national level and for individual states. State- and locally-administered defined benefits data will also be released. (Scheduled for release June 28.)

Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenues: 1st Quarter 2018

The summary provides quarterly estimates of state and local government tax revenue at a national level, as well as detailed tax revenue data for individual states. This report produces three tables: income data, sales data and tax collections by state. (Scheduled for release June 29.)

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Facts for Features

The Fourth of July

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, the most American of holidays will be marked with red, white and blue; fireworks and parades; flags; and backyard barbecues across the country. (Tentatively scheduled for release in June.)

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Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Training Opportunities

Webinars are available on a regular basis to help the public access and use U.S. Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use census databases and mapping tools and how to find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level. They also provide quick links for answers to frequently asked questions about accessing statistics.

The following courses are offered:

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions are available on our educational resources page. No registration is needed to join a webinar. Login details will be provided one week before a webinar.

Archived Training Resources

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Resource Library for previously recorded trainings that are free and available at your convenience. The library includes presentations, recorded webinars, tutorials and other helpful materials.

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 Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These Stats for Stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.

National Nursing Assistants Week — June 14 to 21
Father’s Day — June 17
West Virginia 155 Years of Statehood — June 20
New Hampshire 230 Years of Statehood — June 21
Summer 2018 — June 21 to September 22
Virginia 230 Years of Statehood — June 25
Postal Workers Day & Postage Stamp Day — July 1


Upcoming segments include having a gas in “First Refinery” (June 28), and now hear this in “Sound Effect” (July 5).

The daily features are available at <>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and .wav files or zip files for the entire month.

Data Tools

Census Bureau Emergency Management Data and Tools

When disaster strikes, look to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Emergency Preparedness page. The Census Bureau produces timely local demographic and economic data that are important to emergency management efforts. Find data, tools and links to reports on recent emergency events.

Census Business Builder

The Census Business Builder is a suite of services that provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau tailored to specific types of users in a simple to access and use format. The suite will continuously be updated with new versions. Currently, the Regional Analyst and the Small Business editions are available.

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Recently Released

(Released since May 25, 2018)

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2020 Census

Press Kit: 2020 Census

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Census press kit presents a wide array of information about the upcoming decennial census. The press kit includes background information on operations, news releases, fact sheets, brochures, visualizations and more.

Press Kit: 2018 Census Test

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 Census Test press kit that provides media with information on the test that plays a critical role in ensuring that the Census Bureau’s systems, operations and procedures are in place in advance of the 2020 Census. The press kit includes timeline visualizations and other graphics, the 2018 Census Test questionnaire, brochures, news releases, fact sheets, maps, public service announcements, photos, videos and more.

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Survey of Market Absorption — 2018 First Quarter Absorptions

June 5 — This survey measures how soon privately financed, nonsubsidized, unfurnished units in buildings with five or more units are rented or sold (absorbed) after completion. This survey is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The upcoming release scheduled for June 5 will be for units absorbed in the first quarter of 2018 that were constructed in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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2017 Economic Census Deadline Approaches

June 5 — The 2017 Economic Census is currently collecting data for approximately 3.7 million business locations. With the June 12 deadline approaching, U.S. businesses nationwide, including those in U.S. territories, are asked to report their 2017 year-end numbers for each business location, including sales or revenue, employment, payroll and industry-specific information.

Characteristics of New Housing: 2017

June 1 — Using data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, which is jointly funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, this report provides annual statistics on the characteristics of new, privately-owned residential structures by census region. The report includes characteristics such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the location of the laundry, presence of homeowner’s association, the buyer’s source of financing and the structure’s square footage. 


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Facts for Features

Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (July)

June 6To commemorate the July 26, 1990, signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act into law, the Census Bureau presents a wide array of statistical information about people with disabilities.

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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

America Counts tells the stories behind the numbers in a new, inviting way. We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency preparedness and population. New stories include:

Who Knew? Not All Business Owners Get A Survey
How Much Is Your State Spending on You?
Who Knew? You Won’t Believe That They Worked on the Census!
Which States Spend the Most Money on Their Students?

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Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These Stats for Stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.

D-Day — June 6
National Cheese Day — June 4
National Doughnut Day — June 1
2018 Hurricane Season — June 1 to November 30
Great Outdoors Month — June
National Dairy Month — June
American Housing Month — June
LGBT Pride Month — June
National Caribbean-American Month — June
National Ocean Month — June
Wisconsin 170 Years of Statehood — May 29
National Hamburger Day — May 28
Memorial Day — May 28


Profile America segments include fingering the suspects in “Prints Among Men” (May 27), and a cheddar way in “Cheese To Meet You” (June 1).  Internet address: <>.

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The Goods and Services Deficit Decreased to $46.2 billion in April 2018

Written by: Rachel Butler — The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced today that the goods and services deficit was $46.2 billion in April, down $1.0 billion from $47.2 billion in March, revised.

Accessing AESDirect in the Automated Commercial Environment

Written by: Maritza Torres, International Trade Management Division — The AESDirect application transitioned into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) single window in 2016. Below are step-by-step instructions to help new users access ACE AESDirect to file their export shipments for the first time.


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