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Receive Census Bureau news releases and more information from the Public Information Office by email subscription.

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Items available include:

Data on People
Includes data on population, family structure, age, sex, race, ethnic groups, education, health care insurance, marital status, disability, language; income, poverty, commuting, mobility and labor force.

Data on Business, Industry and Government
Includes data on the economy, business ownership, business patterns, industry data, government and tax expenditures.

Data on Housing
Includes data on housing characteristics such as house type, age, size, plumbing, telephone access, ownership and financing.

Communications En Espanol

Facts for Features
Statistical factoids about holidays, calendar observances and topics in the news.

Biweekly newsletter announcing upcoming data releases and reports.

If you have questions, contact the Public Information Office at 301-763-3030, or e-mail: <>

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