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Release Number CB18-SFS.16
Component ID: #ti1463934560
Group of Clone/Fake golden award statues in a shop for sale.

Meaning of NAICS 512 Motion picture and sound recording industries:

“…establishments involved in the production and distribution of motion pictures and sound recordings. While producers and distributors of motion pictures and sound recordings issue works for sale as traditional publishers do, the processes are sufficiently different to warrant placing establishments engaged in these activities in a separate subsector. Production is typically a complex process that involves several distinct types of establishments that are engaged in activities, such as contracting with performers, creating the film or sound content, and providing technical postproduction services. Film distribution is often to exhibitors, such as theaters and broadcasters, rather than through the wholesale and retail distribution chain. When the product is in a mass-produced form, NAICS treats production and distribution as the major economic activity as it does in the Publishing Industries subsector, rather than as a subsidiary activity to the manufacture of such products.”

Component ID: #ti1508073236

From Foreign Trade, USA Trade Online:

Includes commodities related to the motion picture industry, including:

  • 3706 Motion-picture Film, Exposed and Developed
  • 9006 Photographic Still Cameras, Flash Apparatus Etc.
  • 9007 Cinematographic Cameras & Projectors, Parts Etc.

After an account is created, select "Harmonized System (HS) District-level Data (Exports or Imports)," type <key word> in the "Commodities" search box. For more information, see the Quick Start Guide.

Note: The cropped table image above highlights rows for NAICS 512 through 5122909. Click on the image above to see the full chart – all 89 rows – for NAICS 51 Information.

From the Census Bureau History Branch:

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