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Release Number CB16-R.02
Component ID: #ti1552321160


March 14, 2016 — Some Harris County, Texas, residents will be participating in the 2016 Census Test starting on March 21. Almost 225,000 households will receive a notification from the U.S. Census Bureau by mail asking them to complete the questionnaire. The 2016 Census Test is refining new methods and technologies under consideration for the 2020 Census.

Harris County residents will be able to respond to the test in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean by Internet or mail. Additionally, for those needing help to complete the form, telephone assistance will be provided in Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic and French. Households that do not complete the questionnaire may receive a visit from a census taker to complete the form.

The test will consist of the following questions:

  1. How many people were living or staying in the house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2016?
  2. Were there any additional people staying here April 1, 2016, that you did not include in question 1?
  3. Is this a house, apartment or mobile home: owned with a mortgage, owned without a mortgage, rented or occupied without rent?
  4. What is your telephone number?
  5. What is Person 1’s sex?
  6. What is Person 1’s age and date of birth?
  7. Which race and Hispanic category describes Person 1?
  8. Does Person 1 sometimes live or stay somewhere else?

There will also be follow-up questions for each additional person in the household to describe their relationship to the person filling out the questionnaire.

The test will occur in the following ZIP codes:

77005, 77007, 77008, 77018, 77019, 77024, 77025, 77027, 77030, 77031, 77035, 77036, 77040, 77041, 77042, 77043, 77046, 77055, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77064, 77065, 77071, 77072, 77074, 77077, 77079, 77080, 77081, 77082, 77083, 77084, 77086, 77088, 77091, 77092, 77094, 77096, 77098, 77099, 77401, 77477, 77478 and 77498.

For more information about the 2016 Census Test, please visit



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