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Collecting Data on Governments – Innovation at Work!

Tue Dec 18 2012
Carma Hogue
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Today government finance, public pensions, education spending, and taxes are hot issues and in the information age – where information is readily available and more easily monitored and measured – statistics tell the stories. 

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The U.S. Census Bureau’s Governments Division collects data on federal, state and local government and constantly researches new ways to make data collection more efficient and the data more precise.

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On March 15, 2012, the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics held a workshop on censuses and surveys of governments.  Attendees at the conference included representatives from academia, the private sector, several federal statistical agencies, and members of a 2007 Committee on National Statistics panel on government statistics.

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Governments Division staff presented their research, as well as planned research, on a host of topics.  We believe many readers will find this research to be of interest:

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For more information on the papers, see

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Carma Hogue, Assistant Division Chief, Governments Division

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