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State Data Centers Are Key to Accessing and Understanding Census Bureau Data

Thu Jun 22 2017
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Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released the national, state and county population estimates by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin. This new data set, which is only part of a wealth of information released by the Census Bureau, helps Americans make informed decisions. State data centers are our premier local partner in making sure that data users can learn about and understand our valuable data.

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The State Data Center Program is one of the Census Bureau's longest and most successful partnerships. Since 1978, we have worked with state data centers to deliver understandable, accurate and timely information to the public in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the island areas. They make our data available locally through a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, and regional and local governments.

State data centers are leading the charge in getting data and information to users in innovative ways. For instance, data centers in Indiana and New York recently created webpages on the importance of the 2020 Census in their state, which included information on how state and local partners can prepare now for a complete and accurate count. The Iowa Data Center created an infographic with demographic, geographic and economic data on Iowa’s Asian and Pacific Islander populations as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. And the Pennsylvania Data Center hosted a training session on the use of data in community planning and development and data-based decision-making.

For decades, state data centers have provided access and education on Census Bureau data and products to millions of data users, as well as other statistical resources. They also give the Census Bureau valuable feedback on our data usability and data users’ needs. To learn more about your state data center and how it can help you, visit <>.

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