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Visualizing Foreign Trade Data

Mon Aug 15 2011
Component ID: #ti1381652555

Starting this month, with the release of the June 2011 trade data, the U.S. Census Bureau introduced the Foreign Trade Graph of the Month. Each month will feature a new graph highlighting interesting data points or series about U.S. exports and imports.

Component ID: #ti1358648231

This month’s graph highlights the price per barrel of crude oil imports, including a 43% increase in price since January 2010, and 8 straight months of increases before June’s decrease of $2.70.

Also, be sure to check out our monthly summary and time series graphs , featuring trade breakdowns by end-use commodities , top trading partners, and petroleum imports.

Hover over any data point on any graph to see the value; many graphs feature interactive legends or click-throughs to more data, and can be downloaded as an image or PDF file. Explore and have fun!

If you have any suggestions for data you’d like to see featured in a Foreign Trade Graph of the Month, please let us know. Post a comment below.

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