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International Trade University Webinar – FTR 101

Wed Mar 25 2015
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On March 19, we held our 1st webinar in our International Trade University Webinar Series –FTR 101: Introduction to Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), which provided a general overview of the FTR. If you missed it, you can still benefit from our new informative webinar. Click to watch the recording for FREE!

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Experts from the Trade Regulations Branch presented on the following items:

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  • What is the FTR? Why should I become familiar with it?
  • How is the FTR organized?
  • What are the key sections and how can I utilize the FTR effectively?
  • Where can I find the FTR?

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Don’t forget to mark your calendar for April 2nd @ 2pm ET. We will have experts from the Trade Regulations Branch back to discuss Filing Requirements.  Go to our International Trade Outreach, Education and Training webpage for more information on this webinar and view previous recordings.

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