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The Story of the Census Bureau’s Newly Updated America’s Economy Mobile App

Tue Jul 16 2013
Tom Mesenbourg
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Each month, homebuilders, job creators and policy-makers watch economic indicators, such as employment and new residential construction, to see how the U.S. economy is doing. When the America’s Economy app launched last summer, for the first time, you could get these key economic indicators and more on your mobile device as soon as they were released, allowing you to take the pulse of America’s economy straight from your phone. Since then, use of the Census Bureau’s indicators has quintupled.

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We are proud of the Census Bureau’s first mobile app but we are not done. We continue to listen to your feedback to make it even more useful. Over the past year, you have told us what else you would like to see.

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Today, we added three indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: the producer price index, consumer price index and nonfarm payroll. These new indicators join the 16 already available from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CPI in America's Economy

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If you have not already downloaded America’s Economy, now is the perfect time to discover this free app and learn more about U.S. economic data. The statistics available in America’s Economy drive business hiring, sales and production decisions and assist economists, researchers, planners and policymakers. For example, realtors may look at the home ownership rate or new residential sales in the app to measure the health of the industry.

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What can the app do? Not only will it give you the new figure for each indicator each time it is released, but you can also explore trend data, view schedules of upcoming releases, share each indicator via Facebook, Twitter or via email and set up notifications for the release of new indicators.

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The app has many useful applications for a variety of organizations. The construction industry might use the statistics in the app to project future growth and plan upcoming projects. Other organizations may use the trade data to see how U.S. exports compare or use the app to promote greater understanding of economic data.

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The addition of these three new indicators is just one way we are not only making our statistics more accessible but also working together with other agencies to bring federal statistics together in one convenient place. We will continue to listen to your feedback for ways to improve the app.

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With America’s Economy and other innovations, we are using 21st century technology to meet our centuries-old mission of making the statistics that define our growing, changing nation more accessible to the public than ever before. In line with the Digital Government Strategy, the app makes our economic data available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Look for two more mobile apps, and other exciting updates from the Census Bureau in the coming months as we continue our digital transformation.

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