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Including Everybody in Doubled-up Households

Mon Nov 09 2009
Robert Groves
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We just had meetings of two of our advisory committees at our Suitland headquarters. The members come from all parts of the country and bring with them different perspectives on key issues facing the Census Bureau.

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One issue came up in both discussions – how will the 2010 Census handle doubled-up households?

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The recent spate of foreclosures and the high unemployment rates have led many families to change how they live. Some have moved in with relatives and friends. How will these folks be included in the 2010 Census?

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It’s important for all of us to know that everyone should be counted where they’re living (their “usual residence”) on April 1, 2010. If I lose my job and my wife and I move in with my brother, then I should be included on the census form sent to my brother’s home. Neither my brother nor I may think of myself as a permanent resident of his house. But, I have no other residence, and hence my brother’s home is my “usual residence” at the time of the census.

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