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2017 Methods Panel Adaptive Strategy Report

Lindsay Longsine, Michael Risley
Component ID: #ti1387997443

In 2013, the Census Bureau introduced the internet mode as a new, more convenient way for respondents to complete the American Community Survey.  Overall, response rates for the ACS increased.  However, in certain areas of the country, the introduction of the internet mode led to a decrease in response rates.  The purpose of this test is to see whether a revised mailing strategy would increase self-response in areas where response rates decreased. The Census Bureau targeted Census tracts believed to be associated with a preference for the mail response mode and tested two treatments, an experimental treatment where housing units received the paper questionnaire in the initial mailing package and the control, which followed the current mailing strategy of including the paper questionnaire in the third mailing.  The Census Bureau carried out the test using the October 2017 ACS production sample, and the test results are described in the attached research report.

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