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Scot A. Dahl
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Overview of the American Community Survey

The American Community Survey is an annual survey, under development to provide demographic information about communities and populations every year. This survey will collect the data traditionally collected by the decennial census long form. Development started in 1996 in four sites: Rockland County, NY; Brevard County, FL; Multnomah County, OR; and Fulton County, PA. In 1997, four more sites were added: Douglas County, NE; Otero County, NM; Franklin County, OH, and Houston, TX. Though it is an annual survey, the questionnaires are mailed out and the data collected monthly.

Eventually, in 2003, the survey will be in full-scale production, mailing 250,000 questionnaires per month to every county in the nation. Annual profiles will be produced for all states, cities, counties, metropolitan areas, or population groups for 65,000 or more people. For smaller areas, two to five years of data will be accumulated to produce estimates similar to those of the census long form.

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