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Analyzing the Characteristics of Blacks: A Comparison of Data from SIPP and CPS

Working Paper Number SIPP-WP-81
Reynolds Farley and Lisa J. Neidert
Component ID: #ti1560066786

Although data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) provide extensive information about the characteristics of blacks, we have yet to determine whehter the sample size permits a detailed analysis of racial differences, or whether the characteristics of the black population, as estimated from SIPP, correspond to those same characteristics as measured in other demographic surveys. To explore these issues, we studied data from the fifth and sixth waves of the 1984 panel of SIPP, and compared them to data gathered in the March, 1985 Current Population Survey (CPS); that is, the Annual Demographic File. We selected those rotation groups from the two waves of SIPP which were interviewed during MArch of 1985, while the interviewing for the Current Population Survey was done primarily during the first week of MArch. This report compares SIPP and CPS data.

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