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Download the First Look at Toksook Bay, Alaska

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The 2020 Census begins in Toksook Bay, Alaska with the "first enumeration" on Jan. 21, 2020. This video footage (B-roll) provides visuals of this remote village where the operation occurs. Note: Footage does not include official 2020 Census enumeration operations or activities. The following major sections are linked below.

Alaska’s vast, sparsely settled northern areas are traditionally the first to be counted. Local census takers must get a head start while the frozen ground allows easier access to remote areas with unique accessibility challenges.

In addition, many residents leave following the spring thaw to fish and hunt or for other warm-weather jobs, making it difficult to get an accurate count in the days leading up to Census Day (April 1).

The remaining portion of Alaska, including Anchorage, will be counted with the rest of the country beginning in March. The Census Bureau's mission is to ensure we count everyone living in the United States, including remote Alaska.


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