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Report Number FC92-S-2
Component ID: #ti1294922481

The 1992 Census of Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIRE) Industries, part of the 1992 Economic Census, covered financial, insurance, and real estate industries as defined in Division H of the Standard Industrial Classification Manual: 1987 (SIC).

This report includes only establishments with payroll. Government-affiliated establishments in the covered industries are excluded from this report, with the exception of depository institutions under conservatorship of a governmental organization, central reserve institutions, and federally-sponsored credit agencies.

Presents revenue by source for each kind of business for employer establishments and shows for each revenue line the number of establishments with revenue from that source; and the percentage of total revenue of the kind of business accounted for by each of the sources of revenue.

Summary data are also provided for the 58 broad sources of revenue asked of establishments with payroll, including counts of establishments and the amount and percent of the source of revenue by various kinds of financial, insurance, and real estate businesses.

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