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Report Number P20-473
Kristin A. Hansen
Component ID: #ti1394089373


This report provides detailed statistics on the geographical mobility of Americans for the period between March 1991 and March 1992. The data were collected in the March 1992 Current Population Survey (CPS). Mobility status is determined by asking respondents if each household member 15 years old and over was living in the same residence (house or apartment) one year earlier; for persons who changed residence, additional questions were asked to identify the U.S. State or foreign country, county and city of residence in March 1991. Mobility data for children under the age of 15 were assigned based upon the responses of other family members (See appendix A.)

This report highlights the changes that have occurred in the last year, with reference to other recent years, characteristics of movers by type of move, and differences in moving rates by type of geographic area. The tables used to highlight the text are based on the more detailed tables that follow.


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