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Report Number PC80-S1-8
John A. Priebe
Component ID: #ti421683879


The report presents tabular data on occupation and years of school completed by age for the civilian labor force, by sex, race and Spanish origin, obtained from the 1980 Census EqualEmployment Opportunity (EEO) Special File. All tables list males and females separately for each category. Table 1 lists totals for 613 labor force categories, then Spanish origin workers in that category, then workers not of Spanish origin (White; Black; American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut; Asian and Pacific Islander; andd Others, e:g., such write-in Census entries as Eurasian, Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto). For example under Spanish origin, Table 1 shows 146 male and 34 female legislators, 9,548 male, and 7,191 female postsecondary teachers, and 32,032 male and 74,280 female teachers other than postsecondary. Table 2 lists data for the 613 occupational categories, with columns for totals and each non-Spanish origin group. Table 3 shows years of school completed in 8 age ranges (from16 to over 70 years) with columns for totals, Spanish origin people, and each non-Spanish origin group. Table 4 presents data for the same age ranges and years of schooling categories in columns for totals and the non-Spanish origin groups.

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