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Report Number HC-6
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The reports in Series HC-6 were based on special tabulations of data from the 1950 Census, made on a reimbursable basis for local housing authorities. The reports were not issued as a single publication.

Prior to the 1950 Census, arrangements were made between the Bureau of the Census and the Public Housing Administration for the Census to provide local housing authorities with tabulations of population, housing, and income data in advance of the regular census publications. Tabulations were made of characteristics of families living in dwellng units defined as substandard by the Public Housing Administration. For most of the areas, the results were based on a sample of substandard dwelling units.

In order to provide the information as soon as possible, the Census field office staffs transcribed data from the 1950 Census schedules before shipping them to Washington. In the smaller places, a supplemental enumeration was made to obtain family income data for families not falling in the regular 1950 Census sample. A separate clerical unit was established in the Washington office to process the results of the transcriptions. In this way, for all except a few cities, the tabulations were completed and transmitted to the local housing authorities before the end of 1950.

A total of 224 areas, representing about 20 percent of the nonfarm dwelling units in the United States took advantage of the program. In addition to the tabulations sent directly to the local housing authorities, reports were published for practically all the areas; also, a summary report (HC-6, No. 220) presenting results for 214 of the areas was published. Excluded from the summary were St. Louis, Mo. (HC-6. No. 221) for which tabulations were made after the summary was prepared, and cities in Alaska, for which the criteria for "substandard" were different from those used in the United States. Because the number of substandard dwelling units was too small to provide detailed tabulations, no reports were published for Beaumont, CA, Fowler, CA, Shafter, CA, and Renton, WA. No report was published for Birmingham, AL because of a boundary problem.

United States

pdf   Summary Report   [3.5 MB]


pdf   * Florence   [1.9 MB]
pdf   Phenix City   [1.3 MB]


pdf   Anchorage   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Fairbanks   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Juneau   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Ketchikan   [<1.0 MB]


pdf   Avondale   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Chandler   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Phoenix   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Tempe   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Tolleson   [1.1 MB]


pdf   Little Rock   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Texarkana   [1.3 MB]


pdf   Barstow   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Chino   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Coalinga   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Guadalupe   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Indio   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Los Angeles   [2.5 MB]
pdf   Modesto   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Needles   [1.0 MB]
pdf   Oakland   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Orange Cove   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Oxnard   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Redlands   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Reedley   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   * Richmond   [1.2 MB]


pdf   Pueblo   [1.0 MB]


pdf   Bridgeport   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Hartford   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Meriden   [1.0 MB]
pdf   New Britain   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Waterbury   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Willimantic   [<1.0 MB]


pdf   Wilmington   [1.4 MB]

District of Columbia

pdf   Washington   [1.5 MB]


pdf   Daytona Beach   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Jacksonville   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Lakeland   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Miami   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Miami Beach   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Orlando   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Pensacola   [1.4 MB]
pdf   West Palm Beach   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Albany   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Athens   [2.0 MB]
pdf   Atlanta   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Augusta   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Brunswick   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Decatur   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Macon   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Marietta   [2.3 MB]
pdf   Rome   [2.3 MB]
pdf   Savannah   [1.5 MB]


pdf   Caldwell   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Pocatello   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Decatur   [1.4 MB]
pdf   East Saint Louis   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Peoria   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Rock Island   [2.0 MB]


pdf   Indianapolis   [1.5 MB]


pdf   * Frankfort   [1.8 MB]
pdf   Henderson   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Lexington   [1.9 MB]
pdf   Louisville   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Newport   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Owensboro   [2.1 MB]
pdf   * Paducah   [1.9 MB]
pdf   * Paris   [1.6 MB]


pdf   Bogalusa   [1.9 MB]
pdf   Monroe   [2.1 MB]
pdf   New Orleans   [1.4 MB]



pdf   Boston   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Cambridge   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Lawrence   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Lynn   [1.0 MB]
pdf   Medford   [1.4 MB]
pdf   New Bedford   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Quincy   [1.4 MB]
pdf   * Revere   [1.0 MB]
pdf   Taunton   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Worcester   [1.5 MB]


pdf   Detroit   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Hamtramck   [2.2 MB]
pdf   River Rouge   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Saginaw   [1.5 MB]


pdf   Biloxi   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Laurel   [2.1 MB]


pdf   Kansas City   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Saint Louis   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Helena   [1.5 MB]


pdf   Omaha   [1.4 MB]

New Hampshire

pdf   Manchester   [<1.0 MB]

New Jersey

pdf   Atlantic City   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Bayonne   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Bloomfield   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Camden   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Garfield   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Harrison   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Hoboken   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Jersey City   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Lodi   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Long Branch   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Morristown   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Newark   [1.4 MB]
pdf   * Passaic   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Paterson   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Phillipsburg   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Trenton   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Union City   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   West New York   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Woodbridge township   [<1.0 MB]

New York

pdf   Albany   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Troy   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Tuckahoe   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Yonkers   [1.5 MB]

North Carolina

pdf   Beaufort   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Charlotte   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Clinton   [2.0 MB]
pdf   * Concord   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Durham   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Goldsboro   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Greensboro   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Jacksonville   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Lumberton   [2.0 MB]
pdf   Morehead City   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Raleigh   [2.2 MB]
pdf   Winston-Salem   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Akron   [1.4 MB]
pdf   * Cleveland   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Steubenville   [2.2 MB]


pdf   Astoria   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Aliquippa   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Allentown   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Ambridge   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Beaver Falls   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Bethlehem   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Chester   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Clairton   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Connellsville   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Easton   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Farrell   [1.9 MB]
pdf   Harrisburg   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Johnstown   [1.4 MB]
pdf   * McKeesport   [1.3 MB]
pdf   McKees Rocks   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Philadelphia   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Pottstown   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Scranton   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Sharon   [1.3 MB]
pdf   * Uniontown   [<1.0 MB]

Rhode Island

pdf   Pawtucket   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Providence   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Woonsocket   [<1.0 MB]

South Carolina

pdf   * Charleston   [1.2 MB]
pdf   Columbia   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Spartanburg   [1.4 MB]


pdf   * Chattanooga   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Jackson   [2.0 MB]
pdf   Kingsport   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Knoxville   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Memphis   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Beaumont   [2.1 MB]
pdf   Borger   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Brownwood   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Corpus Christi   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Corsicana   [2.0 MB]
pdf   Dallas Area   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Denison   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Edinburg   [1.4 MB]
pdf   El Paso   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Fort Worth   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Galveston   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Harlingen   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Houston   [1.4 MB]
pdf   New Boston   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Port Arthur   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Sweetwater   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Waco   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Waxahachie   [2.0 MB]
pdf   Wichita Falls   [2.1 MB]


pdf   Alexandria   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Bristol   [1.3 MB]
pdf   Hopewell   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Newport News Area   [1.6 MB]
pdf   Norfolk   [1.3 MB]
pdf   * Portsmouth   [1.1 MB]
pdf   Richmond   [1.5 MB]
pdf   Roanoke   [1.4 MB]


pdf   Tacoma   [2.3 MB]

West Virginia

pdf   Charleston   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Huntington   [1.4 MB]
pdf   Martinsburg   [2.2 MB]


pdf   Racine Area   [1.0 MB]
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* These online documents are missing some content.

Download Full Report

zip   Full Report   [309.0 MB]
Component ID: #ti702095047

A Note on Language

Census statistics date back to 1790 and reflect the growth and change of the United States. Past census reports contain some terms that today’s readers may consider obsolete and inappropriate. As part of our goal to be open and transparent with the public, we are improving access to all Census Bureau original publications and statistics, which serve as a guide to the nation's history.

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