Codebook for the AHS, Public Use File: 1973 ­- 1996

March 2013


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research contracted with Abt Associates, Inc, Inc. to develop a revised Codebook for the American Housing Survey (AHS) to accompany the release of the public use files (PUFs) from the AHS surveys.

Updated versions of this Codebook will continue to be released as the AHS is further modified and as more effective ways of presenting current information are found. For such purposes, feedback on the Codebook’s use is both welcomed and appreciated.

How to Use the Codebook

This Codebook shows what information is available on each computer tape.  You can start by using the subject headings in the Table of Contents, by browsing through the sample questionnaire, or by using the quick indexes at the back of the book.  The computer file contains raw data from each interview ("microdata"), which can be added up using the variable weight to prepare new findings not availble in the published books.  The record layout shows which columns of each record contain each question.  The main body  of this book shows the codes present in each question each year.

The codebook Volume 1 provides information about the public use files and includes descriptive information on all of the AHS variables from 1973 to 1993. Volume 2 is an extension of Volume 1 that includes new items for 1995-96 and layouts for 1984-96. The questionnaire is not included
pdf file   Codebook Volume 1 [21 MB]
pdf file   Codebook Volume 2 [5.4 MB]