Demographic Extract Files

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Miscellaneous Files

Name Size Description
INDUSTRY.DAT 3.9M Industry and Occupation codes
INDUSTRY.DIC 114 Record layout for INDUSTRY.dat
OCCUPATION.DAT 7.0M Industry and Occupation codes
OCCUPATION.DIC 114 Record layout for OCCUPATION.dat
chldsupp.txt 6.0K Text from child support brief, May 1995
cntyname.ssd01 120K County FIPS and Names
homeownershipfactsheet.html 19K Link to differnces between Home Owndership rate estimates from ACS, CPS, and AHS
hsgcostfactsheet.html 17K Link to differences between the Housing Cost and Housing Quality Estimates from ACS and AHS
medersub.for 1.0K Fortran code for median interpolation (kpmedf.for,medersu.for, and xlog_xlog10.for)
vacanciesfactsheet.html 18K Link to Vacancy Rate Fact Sheet
xlog_xlog10.for 308 Fortran code for median interpolation (kpmedf.for,medersu.for, and xlog_xlog10.for)
kpmedf.for 1.7K Fortran code for median interpolation (kpmedf.for,medersu.for, and xlog_xlog10.for)
doccf 5.5K  
finwelex.dat 70M  
hhld94.dat 320K  
hms_mis.dat 761K  
hud.out 491K  
lnchfdst.dat 8.1M  
lnchfdst.ssd01 7.5M  
mar93ext.dat 1.7M  
misfile.dat 20K  
ssiextract.doc 14K  
tobias.xls 237K  
xtract80.dat 2.8M  
zipstat.dat 3.5M  
Extvrbl3.txt 4.2K  
curr01.dat 2.5M  
curr01.txt 1.3K  
taxunitID.sas7bdat 4.8M  
taxunit_id_layout.txt 152  
rb.dat 5.0M  
rblyt.txt 380  
ty08ext_depstat.sas7bdat 3.2M  
depstat_layout.txt 127  
mar2001wgts.dat 3.2M  
revwgt.txt 368  
industry.dat 3.9M  
industry.dic 114  
occupation.dat 7.0M  
occupation.dic 114  
layout95.txt 1.3K  


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