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International Trade Statistics Conference Notes

Monday, September 15, 2008

Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Bernard Williams

Statistics Canada (STC)
Craig Kuntz
Alan Torrance
Roger Therrien
Clancy Barrett

Statistics New Zealand (SNZ)
Kenneth Smart

United Kingdom HM Revenue and Customs (HMR&C)
Sandra Tudor
Andrew Kochen

United States Census Bureau (USBC)
David Dickerson
Matthew Przybocki

Morning Session (9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.) – Location: La Bergerie, Alexandria, Virginia


David Dickerson welcomed the participants to the conference.  He asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of David Dodds, a former director at STC.  Dave mentioned that pictures taken throughout the week would be made available to all in a format TBD.

Country Updates Roundtable: Collection of Trade Statistics: (Examination of issues involved in collection of trade statistics from Customs and non-Customs sources.)

  • Presentation: Linking Business Data and Trade Statistics - (USBC)

    •  USBC currently links business data (through the Business Register) with trade statistics.
      • By type of industry and size
        • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) steering group for international standard measurements to develop global indicators of trade
        • Developed tables using 2003-2004 profile
      • Have exporter database; attempting to include importer database
        • Issues to research to develop importer database:
          • Lack of funding
          • International Revenue Service (IRS) approval process
          • Quality of automated system (accuracy of importer information)
          • Methodology of current linking – seek guidance from Census Advisory

Note: Upcoming Business Register Conference in Paris in November.  Funding is possible through a consortium.

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 Question: How would override abuses be controlled? 
Response: USBC responded that it would be through monitoring

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  • Presentation:  Automated Foreign Trade Zones (AFTZs) – (USBC)

    • E-214 paper forms and Foreign Trade Division (FTD) creates automated forms.
    • 150 of 200 companies reporting in E-214 program; working with the other 50 companies.
    • Participation is not mandatory and some companies have reverted back to paper due to costs.
    • Working on best practices manual for FTZs.

Question: What about coverage?  USBC responded that coverage is better especially when tracking goods moving out of the FTZs ($30 billion per month).

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  • Presentation:  Document Management System (DMS) – (USBC)

    • Governments Division (GOVS) created the DMS to meet their needs.
    • Early 2007, DMS team and sub teams created in FTD.
      • Centralized final documents (repository).
      • Live in spring 2008.
    • So far, branch business plans and activity reports posted.
    • Goal is to implement an electronic approval system. 
    • Also, to post computer specifications and programs.

Question: Is the entire Economic directorate participating in DMS?
USBC responded that no, not the entire directorate; however, the Business Process Improvement Team (BPIT) is looking at the possibility of it for knowledge management.

ACTION ITEM: USBC will update the other participating agencies on status once the entire Economic Directorate has decided upon a system to implement.

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Lunch in La Bergerie, Alexandria, Virginia

Afternoon Session: -- Location: USBC, Conference Room # 3

Country Updates Roundtable: Collection of Trade Statistics (continued)

  • Presentation:  United Kingdom HM Revenue and Customs (HMR&C) Update

    • Trade statistics in the revenue department.
    • European Union (EU) aspect negotiation.
    • Intra-stat system; movement within EU run by HMR&C.
    • 135 staff; approximately 2/3 intra-stat data collection, now merged and downsized.
    • New statistics legislation; independent EU.
    • Some key areas noted in assessment.
      • Lessen burden on reporters.
      • Streamline flow.
    • Control systems; secure, trusted trades receive preferential treatment (i.e., report in any member state).
    • Only a few currently; reports to UK separately.
    • Estimates of fraud; to avoid paying duties.
    • UK makes adjustment (only for EU) for balance of payments (BOP) and trade for fraud.
    • Money laundering – working with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
    • Dedicated website for trade statistics – may be merged on one business site.
    • Electronic submission ~63%.
    • Mainframe needs update.

Question: What about imports into the EU?  HMR&C answered that the import/export VAT loss, getting harder to identify fraud/loss of taxes.

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Question: What prompted legislation in 2002?
USBC responded 9/11 – not intended to be enforcement, but useful.


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Questions:  Is this a common problem? What recommendations or suggestions? 

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  • Presentation: Statistics Canada (STC) Update
    • Migration from mainframe to server is a 5-year plan.
    • Imports are completed.
    • How has security impacted migration?
    • Board requires risk assessment.
    • Issue with November 2004 data.
    • Less person dependent processes.
      • Changed regulations – require pre-departure information.
      • Carrier MOU – special privileges.
      • Computer SED.
      • Monetary values.
    • New Chief Statistician, will see a new press release.

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